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Jeff and Craig have been involved with the cheerleading industry for over 20 years.  They have worked with over 80 school teams in the state of Oklahoma and they have choreographed numerous State and National routines for these schools throughout the years.

They are both ACCAA and USASF certified, and have taken Care and Prevention of Athletic Injuries.  They attend numerous conferences every year in order to broaden their already extensive background in cheerleading and tumbling.  They have also been speakers at several conferences throughout the country.

Jeff and Craig have choreographed for all-star teams across the country. They shared the title of all-star cheer director and owner for the Oklahoma Twisters All-Stars located in Norman, Oklahoma for 20 years before selling that company and dedicating their time to School Cheerleading and Dance instead of All-Stars.

Not only do they coach and choreograph cheerleading routines, they also judge nationally for several companies including, UCA, Mardi Gras Spirit Events, Contest of Champions, Celebrity Cheer, Wow Factor Sports, and Jamfest, as well as travel internationally to judge events in Europe and Australia. They have won numerous awards throughout the years and are both members of the UPA National Cheerleading Hall of Fame.

Jeff is a former Oklahoma Cheerleading Coaches Association President and has also served as the Region 5 Rep. for that organization. Craig has served as Region 5 Rep for 9 years and has also served as President for the Organization. Their love and dedication to the sport of cheerleading has impacted many kids’ lives throughout the years.

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