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After coaching JH and HS teams for over 25 years, and helping over 40 teams win an OSSAA State Championship Title, Jeff and Craig saw a lack of opportunity to prepare schools for the OSSAA State Championships. The event is unlike any other cheer competition in the country. Year after year 9th grade students were asked to compete at something unlike anything else they had done in the past. This is not the same for any other sport. So after selling their all star cheer and tumbling gym in 2017, they decided to host the first JH Performance State Championship in March of 2018. With 20 teams competing, it was the largest JH/MS competition in the State.

With overwhelmingly positive feedback, and being asked if there would be Game Day divisions, J&C Cheer decided to host a Game Day State in the Fall of 2018. This will allow schools to prepare for sideline cheering, and also compete against schools of their similar size with material that is game ready.

Jeff and Craig have run competitions and other events since the mid 90s. The plan is to continue offering a Game Day State Championship in the Fall each year and a Performance State Championship in the Spring. The dates were chosen so that teams could attend both if they so desire. The Spring date is after JH basketball season is over and before tryouts, so it gives your team members the opportunity to keep their skills up for tryouts, and gives your team time to work on the competitive routine throughout the year.

  • 1st and 2nd place trophies will be awarded
  • Individual Rings are awarded to the First Place team in each class
  • Team banner is awarded to the First Place team in each class
JH State 2019-01
Oklahoma JH Cheer State Championship Series

JH Game Day Championship – October 26, 2019 – Choctaw High School

JH Performance State Championship – February 22, 2020 – Location TBA

*Divisions by School Classification

*Rings given to EACH Individual State Champion!

*A Banner will be given to each State Champion Team!

*Trophies will be awarded to 1st and 2nd Place in each classification.

Hosted by Jeff and Craig Camps!

Oklahoma High School Game Day Championship

HS Game Day Championship – October 26, 2019 – Choctaw High School

*Divisions by School Classification

*A Banner will be given to 1st-3rd Place Teams!

Hosted by Jeff and Craig Camps!

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