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Junior High/Middle School Competitive Cheer Dates, Entry Deadline, and Fees


* Entry Must be received by February 1, 2019.  You can Register online at or on our App in the Apple Store (Jeff and Craig Camps)

*The Entry Fee is $25/Cheerleader.  An invoice will be sent to you once registration is filled out.


Divisions and Squad Sizes

*Classification will be determined by the Class your High School team competes at the OSSAA State Cheerleading Championships

*Squad Size is Maximum of 25

*There will be No Coed Divisions.  Team members can be male or female

*Mascots are considered part of the squad & will count in the number of participants on the floor


Guidelines and Rules for Competition

*Competition will consist of 1 minute and 45 seconds maximum time limit.

*There is NO minimum time.

*Timing will begin with the first word or organized movement/motion or skill from the squad

*The time ends with the last word or motion.

*The competition area will be 54’ wide and 42’ long (9 mats – no springs)

*Each team must have AACCA Certified Coaches to compete at the event



*Signs, Poms, Flags, and Megaphones are permitted.

*NFHS Rules will be used for Building and Tumbling Skills

*No Basket or Sponge Tosses will be allowed

*Judges will review placement after the scoresheets have been tallied.  They will be permitted to adjust their score sheet, under the supervision of the head judge if they chose to do so.

*The high and the low score will be dropped and the remaining 3 scores will be combined for the Final Score of the team.

*In the event of a tie, the high and the low score will be added back in for the Final Score

*NO JEWELRY will be permitted

*Glitter is not to be used on signs or body

*No Music will be allowed for the competition

*If an illegal Stunt or Pyramid is used in Competition, a 10 point penalty will be taken from the Final Score


Location and Date of Event

*The 2020 Junior High/Middle School State Championship location is TBD

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