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2019 JH Game Day Championship Guidelines

When: October 26, 2019

Where: Choctaw High School

  • Classifications will be determined by your High School’s OSSAA Classification for Cheer
  • Maximum number of participants – 25
  • There will not be a coed/all-girl split
  • All participants on the floor count towards your total number

Performance Information

  • 2 minute time limit
  • Teams will take the floor when the buzzer sounds, and the time will start at that point. A chant or sideline can be used as transition onto the floor. The cheer should emphasize on leading the crowd. Props can and should be used to help lead the crowd. Poms, Megaphones, Flags, Signs, Etc. are highly encouraged.
  • Following the cheer the coach will push play for the team to perform their fight song.
  • The total time limit is 2 minutes, so be sure to allow time to transition to the fight song or finish your cheer in the formation that your fight song starts.

Fight Song Rules

Up to 3 consecutive eight counts may be used to incorporate stunts, tumbling, and/or jumps. IF repeated, the incorporation must be EXACTLY the same as before. For example – If you choose to build during your fight song, and your fight song repeats, then you must build both times. If your fight song does not repeat, then this does not apply to your team.

Skill Restrictions

  • No basket tosses or sponge tosses allowed
  • No Stunt/Pyramid Inversions
  • No twisting dismounts from stunts
  • Liberty and Liberty Hitches are the only single leg stunts allowed at both prep and extended levels
  • No running tumbling
  • Standing Tumbling is limited to one skill. Back Tuck is the most elite tumbling skill allowed.
  • All other skills must follow NFHS Rules

JH Game Day Championship will only have one round. We will not have a band dance section like the HS Game Day Championship.

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