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Here are some of our most Frequently Asked Questions about Jeff & Craig Camps!

If you have any questions that aren’t answered here, please don’t hesitate to contact us at

Where are Jeff & Craig Camps held?

Our Dance Camp and our 4 Resort Cheer Camps are at the amazing  NCED Conference Center in Norman, Oklahoma.

The address is:
2801 East State HWY 9
Norman, OK 73071

We are also very excited that we have added 2 Commuter Camps in Oklahoma.  One is in Tishomingo and the other is in Newkirk.  Both of these are in Air Conditioned Gyms with Cheer Mats!

Is Lunch provided on Friday once we check in?

Yes, we will be serving Pizza in the Route 66 Lounge for lunch on the first day of camp!

Are parents allowed to watch while the cheerleaders are at camp?

We have evaluations each night of camp, and the final day parents, friends, and family are welcomed in at 2:00 for the final showcase and awards session that starts at 2:30pm.

Is there a one piece swimsuit rule for the pool party?

No we do not requrie the cheerleaders to wear a one piece swimsuit.  If you want your cheerleaders to do so, please inform them of that this is a coed camp, and we do have a few boys registered every year.

Pool Party? There's a pool party at camp?

Yes, we have a pool party at the the NCED camps the first night.  It is a team building time, and we encourage the teams to get to know one antoher in a NON-CHEERLEADING environment.

Attendance is optional.  Due to the fact that several of the pool towels were stolen a few years ago, each coach will need to check-out and check-in the number of towels needed for his/her team.

Do the cheeleaders need cash for anything?

Yes, we have a superstore each summer.  We will be selling bags, T-shirts, shorts, etc.  There is also a Starbucks in the NCED Conference Center that some camp participants enjoy daily.

Do we need to bring a uniform to camp?

It is up to you.  Most teams bring a uniform for the final afternoon, but you are not required to do so.  Some teams just wore another camp outfit that day, or they stayed in the outfit they had on that morning.  It is entirely up to you!

Can we decorate our doors/rooms?

Unfortunately the hotel does not allow you to put signs up on your door. They are concerned it is a safety issue by recognizing which rooms have cheerleaders in the rooms, so they will take the signs down if you post them on your door.

Can we have Glitter at camp?

We do not allow glitter at camp. The hotel charges us a cleaning fee if they have to clean up glitter after one of our camps.

What is the talent show?

On Saturday night, we will host a talent show.  We are limitng it to 2 entries per registered team.  Since we have so many teams this year, we needed to put a limit on it.  It’s all for FUN!  Bring a skit, a song, or a dance, or just have a team member sing.  you do not have to participate, but it is always fun.  Our first year winners were Sonny and Cher from Duncan High School.  We’ve had the Quinton girls sing to us, and the Newcastle Spartan Cheerleaders skit as previsous winners also…..Will YOUR team bring home bragging rights this year?

Are you doing a T-Shirt exchange this year?

Yes,  we would like you to pass the word to your cheerleaders/dancers that we will do a T-shirt swap during the talent show on Saturday night.  (Once again, we are trying to instill sportsmanship in these individuals, and we would love for every team to participate)  It can be any shirt from your school, town, old camp shirt, etc.

How many cheerleaders are in each room at camp?

2 campers are in each room since the hotel room has only 1 bed.   Each room has 1 bathroom also, so unlike a dorm room, there will be 1 bathroom for every 2 campers.

Coaches will have a private room with their own bathroom facility so they will not be sharing with anyone.

Will I have the same buddy the entire time I'm at camp?

Yes, we do not switch up buddies each day.  You will have your own private buddy from the time we start classes until the final performance at camp.  We also have guest instructors along with Jeff and Craig that aren’t assigned a specfic team, so they will be working with the squads at camp also.

Will I have the same buddy the entire time I'm at camp?

Yes, we do not switch up buddies each day.  You will have your own private buddy from the time we start classes until the final performance at camp.  We also have guest instructors along with Jeff and Craig that aren’t assigned a specfic team, so they will be working with the squads at camp also.

I'm an individaul that wants to attend cheer camp. Can I come to camp without my team?

At this time we only offer team camps for Cheer, but if you are an individual wanting to attend our Dance Camp, we have now started offering that!

Does my team need to prepare anything before camp? (Dance/Cheer)

Yes or No. It is up to you.   We do not do a cheer home routine evaluation.  However we do put together a short routine that includes a section that most of the teams use for stunting or a pyramid.   If you have a stunt sequence you want to incorporate then that is fine.  Our instructors will be happy to help clean up your stunt/pyramid or add more flash/creativity/difficulty to your sequences.

Some teams come with a stunt sequence and a pyramid sequence so they can focus on increasing their performance levels and confidence as a team performing in front of a group.  Other teams come to camp and we help assign stunt groups.  It all depends on what you are looking for from camp.

As for Dance Camp, it is totally optional also.  If you would like to prepare a short home routine, we would love for our staff to evaluate it the first night and offer advise on how to improve the performance.

Is there secuirty at camp?

Yes, there is a complete video surveillance system with officers watching the cameras of the facility at all times.  The NCED Conference Center is a federal facility.

Do we get any game material?

Yes,  each team gets a full halftime routine with two custom mixes with your school name and mascot in the music.  You also get a cheer, and 3 chants that everyone learns.  We have also started alternating years of teaching an additional sideline dance (Fight Song) or Crowd Leading Cheer.   On ODD Years (2019, 2021, 2023, etc.) we will teach a Cheer.  On EVEN Years (2018,2020, 2022, etc.) we will teach a sideline dance.  Our afternoon sessions breakout into 3 options including another dance, more chants, or extra stunt time, There is plenty of options to choose from, and each team will receive a YouTube link with all the material from our camp!

Do you offer coaches training at your camp?

Both Jeff and Craig have been speakers at conferences across the US for over 20 years.  They have done Coaches’ Training in several other countries.  Both have served as Oklahoma Cheer Coaches Association President, and have been speakers at the OCCA Summer Conference several years   They continue to attend 3-4 coaches conferences across the country each summer to further their 28 years of knowledge in the industry, and then share it with the coaches that attend their camps.  Their knowledge on the different school sizes and what it takes to be successful at every level is unmatched in Oklahoma.  They have worked with small schools of 4 athletes up to the 2nd largest school in the state for over a decade, and know what it takes to help you build your team to its full potential.

Do you have an athleteic trainer at your camps?

Of course we do.  We not only have an athletic trainer on staff, 2 of our instructors are certified nurses, and the NCED conference center has a doctor’s office on site if needed.

Do you have insurance for your camp?

Absolutely!  We have used the same insurance company since we started our camps in 2009.

Do you offer scholarships?

We are fine tuning our scholarship application as we plan to offer a few scholarships to Senior Cheerleaders/Dancers that attend one of our camps their Senior Year.

Do you have a fun day/theme day at camp?

YES!  On the second day of camp, teams/staff traditionally dress up in a theme outfit.  It is not the same theme for the entire camp, but each team does their own thing.  Fun out fits are highly encouraged.  Some teams bring props to show off their theme.  It can be as simple as Hawaiian shirts or as elaborate as you can think.  We only ask that undergarments are not work on the outside, and you must be able to remove anything that could be harmful when stunting.

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